Assisting family, executor or attorney in closing an estate with efficiency, integrity, and respect for the deceased and surviving family members.  Working with elderly or disabled in transition to assisted living.  



Under the direction of executor or attorney, manage all details of clean out, distribution and disposal of property for family members who may live at a distance or who are otherwise unable to tend to this need, including preparing the home for sale. 


Representative Activities:

  • Assist family in preparing collation for family after funeral service.
  • Gather personal and financial paperwork for family or estate attorney.
  • Arrange for appraisal of personal possessions and property.
  • Organize possessions for family so they can make quick decisions whether
    to keep or dispose.
  • Distribute furniture and possessions. Deliver furniture and large items to
    various family members.
  • Donate unwanted possessions to charity and secure documentation for tax purposes.
  • Arrange for disposal of “junk.”
  • Arrange for trades people to make necessary property repairs for sale or upkeep.
  • Arrange forwarding mail with post office and alarm inspections with fire department.
  • Prepare interior and exterior property for real estate sale. 
  • Be available for unanticipated needs.
  • Provide periodic updates or reports to family or estate attorney. 

Illustrative Examples:

I provided the above services for a home in Wakefield when an elderly woman passed away and family members lived at a distance.  The executor had confidence in my ability and integrity. The family relied on my attentiveness to their concerns and methodical approach.  The house sold to the first family that viewed it, in part because of the attractive way each room was prepared.


I provided the following for an elderly woman in Medford who was last surviving member of her family.  Under the direction of her estate attorney, I arranged the distribution of her personal possessions as she would have wanted and served as the attorney’s hands and eyes as the estate was being settled.  I also served as liaison with the funeral director and minister in designing and preparing her funeral. 


Additionally, Julie works with the elderly in simplifying and decluttering their lives. 


Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow,

May looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.

Author Unknown