When my parents, due to age, were forced to leave their home of 60 years, I was faced with the overwhelming task of emptying their home. At first I was doing it with the small utility trailer in the evening, while holding down a full-time job. I quickly realized it was above my abilities. Through a friend of a friend I called Julie Bernardin. She turned out to be a godsend. She saw my immediate needs and quickly presented a very reasonable plan to get to work. Because of her experience, Julie was able to distinguish between trash and treasure. With one room at a time she presented items that I didn't even know existed. She had the strength and stamina to keep the job organized. She even took items in her own car for donations to charity. Julie was able to provide contacts for junk removal and antiques dealers. The whole job went somewhat smoothly and she took the edge off of a very difficult situation. My heart and thanks go out to Julie for her accomplishments.  

Andover, MA

      I live out of state and was faced with the responsibility of wrapping up my aunt’s estate. Julie was extremely helpful in handling all the things that needed to be done with my aunt’s household items. It was a challenging task as my aunt and uncle had accumulated many things over the years and weren’t the best at getting rid of unneeded clothes and furnishings as they became elderly. Julie cleaned out the house of items that family members did not need and she found good use for many remaining items by contacting several charities and arranging for pick up or delivery, and where necessary, by getting the remaining things hauled away. She was careful to identify items that might have intrinsic or sentimental value and bring these to the attention of family members. As part of this process, she put my aunt’s house in immaculate shape for real estate sales showings, including finding and overseeing tradesmen that performed needed repairs. Throughout the process, Julie kept detailed records of work performed and kept me updated as to progress and issues, at least weekly, both by phone and email. And she was prompt to respond to any questions I had. She completed the project expeditiously. Julie has great project management skills and is highly trustworthy. I would strongly recommend her for anyone who has the daunting task of dealing with emptying out a household and may not have the time or skills to do this, whether it is wrapping up an estate or managing all the house related tasks that are needed when an elderly relative is moved to a managed care facility. 


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